Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mike is Such A Bastard; or I've Gotta Stop Using This Flobee

A reading from How to get a teen-age boy, and what to do with him when you get him, an advice book for teen-age girls on meeting, intriguing, talking to, and dating the teen-age boy, with additional sections on parties and parents, by Ellen Peck (N.Y.: Bernard Geis Ass. 1969):
A teen-age girl is pretty -- or she has problems getting a crowd. I know there's a pleasant fiction given out by the advice vendors that a girl can be popular even if she's not pretty. You've probably read twice this week that "A girl can be well-liked if she's friendly and interested in others" or that "A nice personality is more important than looks."

Is this really true?

Think of the boys you've met since you've been with Sheila's crowd. Mike, it's true, appreciates your personality now. But what made him want to talk to you when Sheila was showing you around? The answer should be obvious: looks. Mike looked at you. He thought, "Hmm, nice." And then he started talking to you!

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