Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's the American Way

A brief word about the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

I've been disappointed, to be honest. The University should have warned students sooner. Security should have investigated the earlier shooting better, should have figured out who the shooter was. Better crisis management systems should have been in place.

It sickens me. Why is this our first response? Why do we place blame first and mourn later?

I saw the mother of a student on a talk show. Her daughter was fine, was nowhere near the shootings. Yet instead of reflecting on the great gift of her daughter's life, she was on national television lambasting the university administration for failing to take adequate steps.

We place blame because we are angry and scared. Instead of renewing our resolve to reach out to the lonely among us, instead of searching inward, to make sure there are no Cho Seung-Hui's in our selfish wake, we lash out, holding others to standards we have not met ourselves.

Our spirits run deeper than this. Let us mourn with those who mourn.

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