Saturday, April 21, 2007

Chicks Dig It

"Don't ask Steve to do a project unless you want it done immediately," the DNB warned me.

Steve is the DNB's stepfather - a knowledgeable car guy who exudes kindness and and a touch of sarcasm. He called my first ever car a POS, especially when its engine squeal harmonized with itself in a two-tone symphony of transmission malfunction. I kind of couldn't blame him.

It was soon after the Match when we discussed finding a more appropriate Land of Snow & Ice vehicle for me. Something with four wheel drive, I was thinking, perhaps with a snow plow and chains (otherwise, how was I going to pick Kirby up from math league?). Steve was on it.

"What about a wagon?" he asks. He's on the phone with the DNB as he searches online.

"A wagon?" the DNB repeats. Seeing the look on my face, he quickly tells Steve, "No wagons."

"Really? No wagons?" Steve pushes. Apparently he's found a nice one.

"No wagons."

Five minutes later he reconfirms, "So you're saying no wagons?"

"No wagons."

My requirements previously had been twofold: seat warmers and not silver. Add to that - not a wagon.

When I first went home with the DNB, I was amazed at the driver:vehicle ratio. All BMW's and of similar type, his family referred to them by the year. I referred to them by the color. It's one of the most useful hobbies I can imagine: buying, fixing, and selling cars. And there were a number of occasions when the POS was on the fritz and I was given one of the extra cars to drive. My blogging has not, as of yet, proved to be of such general interest and practicality.

Steve sends an email of a car listing to the DNB, who forwards it to me later that afternoon.

"Looks great," I tell him.

"He's looking at it now," the DNB tells me. "Want to go see it?"

The car is beautiful, an Audi A6 Quattro that is blue, not silver, and has front and rear heated seats. It is also not a wagon. Oh yes, child.

It's more the nature of the used car market that you have to move immediately if you want to buy the car you're looking at, but I like to think it's Steve's nature too.

"Can you handle 300 times more car than you currently have?" Steve asks me under his breath. It was a rhetorical question; my car handling abilities were not in question.

Ten minutes later the deal was done, the deposit paid, and final closing arrangements were made. We picked it up yesterday.

It's tinted within an inch of its life, but I love it. Plus, the DNB has never in his life been so interested in being our designated driver.

(Madd Propz to Steve for finding it, buying it,
and putting my faithful little Corolla on the market)

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