Friday, March 30, 2007

In the Ghetto, it's Hard to Survive

I receive a phone call from the 612 area code!

This means an upstanding Minnesota homeowner is responding to my rental inquiry! He gives me the details: 1400 square feet plus basement, fenced yard, two full bathrooms with new tile, granite countertops in the kitchen, and a 2 car garage.

"It sounds great," I tell him. "Where in the city is it located?"

"I suppose you could call it East Phillips," he replies.

I pause before jotting this down. The DNB and I have looked up crime rates in and around Minneapolis today, and I made special note of the Phillips area. With two homicides, two rapes, two arsons, twenty thefts, seventeen robberies, and fourteen assaults in the last quarter, it's not "safe," per se.

"It's a transitional neighborhood," the homeowner continues. "So there is actually some drug dealing and prostitution in the streets."

I must commend his honesty, and tell him so, even if it is a slightly poor business decision on his part.

"However," he continues optimistically, "You should be okay. The crime victims are mostly people involved in the street activity."

Although this is encouraging, I end the conversation quickly. If given the option, I would prefer to live amongst perpetrators of the so-called victimless crimes, as these individuals tend to maintain their yards better, keep more reasonable working hours, and leave fewer used condoms strewn about.

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